Bucket list

So I know I’m only 18 but while I was in Spain I decided to create a bucket list. Now for those who don’t know what a bucket list is, it’s a list someone makes of things that they want to do before they die or they set a date that they want to finish the list. Another thing to know about a bucket list you add stuff on said list of crazy stuff you want to do but was always sacred to so far I have 126 and I’m still going. Give it a try. Here is mine.

1.get a book published

2.got to Rome

3.make a movie

4.go on an Africa safari

5.travel to China

6.meet someone famous

7.be on a movie/tv set

8.go to a concert

9.throw tomatoes at la Romanian

10.go to the top of the empire state building

11.visit area 51

12.solve a rubix cube


14.join the peace corps

15.bungee jump off the royal gorge bridge

16.get a visa

17.learn to speak another language fluently

18.drive the great ocean road

19.get a driving licence

20.float around the dead sea

21.watch the sunrise and sunset

22.hand glide over Rio

23.Stargaze at the Alabama desert in chilie

24.listen to war stories👏

25.create my family tree

26.scuba dive on th as yongala

27.ride in the Singapore flyer

28.ride a gondola in venice,Italy

29.visit the Stonehenge during the summer solstice

30.see the northern lights

31.got to Easter island and Christmas island

32.spend the night somewhere haunted

33.Chase a tornado

34.stand in the crown of the statue of liberty

35.visit Manchu picchu

36.be in a movie

37.visit a lone island

38.explore the pyramid of Gina

39.visit the colosseum

40.walk the great wall of China

41.learn to surf

42.ride an elephant

43.be apart of a flash mob

44.go to a murder mystery dinner

45.swim with the dolphins👏

46.learn to bartend

47.stand on top of the Eiffel tower

48.swim in the devils pool

49.go to comic-con £105

50.pass on a family heirloom

51.tour the white house

52.go to a Rio carnival

53.do a helicopter tour over Kauai hawaii

54.tour the titanic wreckage at the bottom of the Atlantic

55.hug a kangaroo

56.hold a koala

57.visit the lourve museum

58.shake hands with the president

59.buy a all around the world ticket


61.hike the Appalanchian trail

62.go to Disney world

63.go to the airport and pick a random flight

64.go to the Amazon rainforest

65.visit tidal, south America

66.walk on the grand canyon Skywalker

67.walk on the gold on gate bridge

68.see a Luna and a solar eclipse

69.learn sign language

70.build a bonfire and make smores

71.rescue a dog from an animal shelter

72.pay a stranger for shopping

73.zip line

74.visit Niagara falls

75.go wakeboarding

76.visit Yosemite valley

77.do something that terrifies me👏

78.sleep in a hammock

79.write a letter to myself and read it in 10 years time👏

80.compete in a triathlon

81.fall in love

82.be happy

83.forgive and forget

84.change/suprise someone’s life 👏

85.create something that lives on

86.visit angle falls

87.dinner in the dark

88.buy a unicorn Onzie and wear it for the whole day

89.learn to fight, to stand my own 👏

90.learn archery

91.keep myself in shape

92.be blind for a day

93.dress up as a banana and get my friends to chase me around in gorilla suits

94.dress up as where’s waldo and walk around town with friends

95.when someone asked me out say to them I only date ninjas

96. Stare at the ceiling and see how many people look up

97.run into a store and ask what year it is once they tell you yell “it worked”

98.get a tattoo👏

99.have a throwback day

100.go on a road trip with friends

101.get into a crowded elevator and say “I bet your all wondering why I gathered you here today”

102. Text to a random number “I hid the body”

103. Get on an elevator that only has one other person in. Start doing the Macarena

104. Get in a taxi and yell “Follow that car”

105. Go to a store in sunglasses and a scaf, get one of my friends to walk up to me and yell, “OMG I LOVE YOU. YOU WERE IN THAT MOVIE WITH TOM HANKS!!!” and see what everyone else does

106.swim in jellyfish lake in Palau

107. Go to a supermarket and talk to fruitz

108.attempt time travel👏

109.Gain superpowers

110.save someone’s life

111.ride a motorcycle

112.never live life with regret

113.have a t shirt with a picture of me on the back with missing wrote on it and walk around

114.go to chernobyl

115.print my hands in wet cement

116.night swimming/swim fully clothed

117.mission impossible supermarket


119.bubble wrap head

120.fire a gun 👏 (injured someone😥)

121.face my fear of bugs

122.got to a karaoke bar

123.dance in the rain

125.stop a fight

126.message in a bottle

G x


3 thoughts on “Bucket list

  1. Wow, I really need to get moving if I’m going to have a bucket list as impressive as yours! Thank you for following my blog 🙂


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