Fresh and clear 🙌

So as many of you know a new day starts like any other, we each go through our own morning routine whatever it is. Making a tea or coffee then breakfast and then getting the kids up for school or getting ready for work. We all have our routines right?
Anyway to the point we may not notice but we change everyday we are never the same, we evolve and become better people no matter the temptation that taunts us. We may not believe in ourselves sometimes because we let ourselves down.
We do this over the silliest things like on how we look, do I look pretty? Am I fat? Why am I so ugly? All these pointless questions send us on a downhill spiral because we believe in what others think of us even if it’s our life were leading so listen to me when I say this,
We are all beautiful and brilliant and I don’t need to see a picture of you or meet you in the flesh to know that fact. You are special and unique and it doesnt matter if people say mean things to you because who are they to judge YOU, we all have our demons and some show more than other but that’s what makes us beautiful creatures. Believe in yourself more no matter how hard it may seem start with looking at yourself in a positive attitude. Time is all we need to overcome the bad.

G x


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