No One But Me

No one

The power we hold to be ourself is disappearing, we are slowly losing who we are. We are so drawn into other peoples lives that we seem to forget our own, we seem to think everyone else’s lives are brighter and better. I hate to inform you on this but there not they just the same, though some of us makes chances for ourself that get us to where we want to be, a chance to take a risk.

We need to stop the pretending, we don’t need it we need to be us. After all were not copies of copies we write our own lives, and we live them how we choose. Try something different and be different, don’t be scared to be unique, be the first not the last. Remember that we are what the next generation will learn from and what do you want them to learn about you? How you were a copy of a copy or that you were strange and beautiful.

“You were born an original, don’t die a copy” – John Mason – check it out x


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