Noticed (^0_0^)


Ever felt a single rain drop hit your face? or Smelt the grass as it’s been freshly cut Oh, and have you stuck your head out the window and be blown back by the harsh wind?

All of these things give us reasons to see such amazing beauty. For me to see this beauty I wait until it’s late at night and it’s raining. I don’t see just rain I see that no matter how bad the day has been it’s going to be okay because tomorrow is a new day for me to start again, to compliment people and help people in need. For me rain helps me realise that it’s not just rain it’s the sadness for all the pain and struggle we have built up for so long and when it falls it’s when we let it go,

I’m not saying rain can solve all our problems because it can’t, All I’m saying is we don’t need to hold grudges because all they do is show us how much we all make mistakes, try and understand were not going to go through our lives being the innocent. We will lie, we will cheat and we will let people we love down no matter how hard we try not to. It’s impossible not to we can’t always be there for everyone, we are sometimes going to miss out on some amazing moments and we are going to wish we didn’t. We can’t help that because we can’t makes wishes, we just have to face it and move on.

Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet – Roger Miller < check it out x


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