Grown 👣

Stages of a growing of the person, from the child to the adult
Stages of a growing of the person, from the child to the adult

It’s funny to think that we start of as these tiny things and then we grow and become smart and beautiful. It’s funny because it seems so impossible, how can we be who we are now without asking questions. Why do we grow and why do we reproduce are we made to or are we so blind that we don’t really care? is it because we are blinded by love of this new living human?We grow yes but into what?

The life cycle is this, we start off as babies then we become toddlers, then teens to young adults and so forth until we come to the point where it all has to end where we become nothing but a lost soul looking back on life wondering what happened and how we got there. So in term are we in fact born to die? Or is it the fact we live to meet new people to pass on our knowledge for them to then pass on there’s. If so why do we have people who pass on the knowledge of murder and any crime passed under sin? is it because we were always meant to have a good side and a bad to balance out what really matters?

All of these questions oblivious to the world, only to be ignored- and yet we still let life pass on. We are blessed with so much but sometimes we are cursed with disease, we can’t let blame be the answer for everything sometimes only family matters.

 Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced. – Soren Kierkegaard


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