The Power though music


The power of music, the power that any song can put you in any emotion or know your mood. Music is what makes life better it helps bring words together that send messages with out people realising.

The music flows and creates a current that then converts in to a way of living. Music is now everywhere we look, music is what makes us safe. It gets us ready for what’s to come and to relive our past. A song can be old or it can be up coming, a song can have so many styles to it that you either have your favourite or you can’t choose. A song can be a story or a memory, it can be what we have experienced or it can be what we want for our future. It can be love or hate and it can be about the unknown. It can be anything we want it to be because we create it. A song is not just one thing, it’s a millions things that combined into one.

Find a song that has a strong connection to you and share it for others to listen to. Music can be used to understand people so here is you chance for people to realize who you are. Here is mine:


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