Everyday were faced with the broken, the unfulfilled and it’s hard to act okay when your not, it’s hard to moved past what can scar the pure. It’s hard to act okay when you lose someone close to you and it’s exhausting to pretend to be all right when everything around you is falling, collapsing. We become trapped in a place where were not understood, the urge to escape so far from the truth hurts. Nobody will ever understand, nobody will ever recognize the pain.

We can’t control the future and we can’t take back the past all we can do is look at the present and decide – decide what comes next. Can we use our weakness to transform into strength can we comprehend change. Pain is always going to be there – Know that pain isn’t always bad, know that pain can’t be missed but it can be felt. We trap ourselves in our own cocoon to run away from the real world. We do this because we can’t face the truth, though there is hope a new horizon is ahead and our grief will only become stronger. We use that emotion to draw out our power – our strength, the strength that we over come and we use it to fight. We use it to live on, to tell stories of the one’s we miss dearly – to make them proud. We are never going to be forgotten but we will always be missed.

What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal. – Albert Pike


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