A battle, a fight, an outrage and a misunderstanding. The things that make a battle, a battle against the unknown – the unseen disease, A battle of the out witted, A battle of the loved and A battle of freedom.

A battle can be anything anywhere, it can be a full out war or a conflict so pitiful everyone turns their head. A battle can be for the rich and for the poor and a battle can be meaningful and inspiring or it can just materialize more hate. A battle can be many things but it is not kind and it does not bring peace. 

A battle can be a player of two or it can be an army of countless others. A battle can be forgotten but a war will always be remembered. A war is something that scars history, we hold a minute silence but do we remember? We remember the blood shared and the pain but we don’t remember the people. We don’t see their face only guess their image, we don’t try to understand who they were only the actions they had taken. We don’t see their family only the coffin.

Yes! a battle can be powerful, forceful and mighty but it’s not the solution it’s the problem. A battle is many things but it is not the way of a new life only the end to one, a battle can only bring supreme suffering, it will never be a success because people watch and they learn and all they will see is that a battle is tough and to be in one is to be burly. A battle has to end before a battle will bring an end to us all, an end to the unforgiven. The one’s who guide us to safety and keep us safe.

“Don’t fight a battle if you don’t gain anything by winning.” – Erwin Rommel


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