Weird and Wonderful


Now for those who don’t know Halloween is coming up and it’s time to be frightful. Now I can explain to you the history of Halloween to you or you could just Google it after I’ve said what I need to  so here goes…

So there are people out there who dress different than the rest of us and they or we get called weird because of it well I’m here to tell you that your wonderful, dress to express not impress. We are who we are all in all and some people just need to accept it because nobody is made to be the same, normal because normal is tooooo boring. So dress like the day is beautiful, dress like you want to be noticed and dress to be comfortable. We have different tastes and styles and that’s what makes us unique so don’t be afraid to be. Unique is the best kind of people. We shouldn’t feel self- confident we be proud of ourselves.

Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.” – Marilyn Monroe


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