Save myself

save me

All of us need to be saved sometimes but were to afraid to ask for it, that becomes the time where we start to give up on ourselves and that’s when people only choose to notice. We always seem to rely on people to save us and I blame it on all this fairytale crap. We don’t need to be saved by someone who doesn’t share the same pain because they don’t understand. Only we can save ourselves from our rabbit whole, only we can come back from the darkest parts of our minds, only than can we find ourselves and pull back to reality and only than do we truly know what rock bottom means. From that moment we only learn what fear is and why it’s so twisted, how it can make you think the worst of ourselves, how ugly they make us feel. Only the light we let in can rescue what broken pieces have fallen and only than can we begin to recover.

“Be careful who you trust, remember the devil was once an angel.”


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