Storytelling – This is a unique human skill shared between people, and is one of our oldest art forms. It brings words and the world to life, stimulates the imagination, and builds a sense of community between tellers and listeners.

Storytelling is a hard skill to have and an even harder skill to achieve, you have to bring the story to life and you have to make people believe everything you’re saying is not just a story, but once somebody’s life. Each and every person you meet will always teach you something different, a way of life or a life leant fact. With a story you can live the lives of many, you can understand emotion and you can obtain the reality of how things should be seen. Stories are more than just make believe they are the start of a new beginning no matter how old the tale may be. A story lives on and carry’s on inspiring many others all around the world, it encourages others to find their purpose and to want something bigger than them selves.


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