You’re The διαφορά (Difference)

We only dare to be different only because we have the freedom to but that is the choice we get to make we can either stay the same or we can be the difference. We rely on everyone else to keep us safe when we should focus on protecting ourselves from what we are unsure of.

We are in a time where our world is dying and the people who are supposed  to keep us in check are too busy filling there pockets with money to realise the bigger issues we face everyday. People suffer wherever we go and we can’t stop that but that does not mean we don’t try. Our actions are the moments we make and the history we live in is everyday it’s always going to be there our past, present and future are what keeps us wanting the future generation to learn from our mistakes and for them to do what we can’t. There is not morality in what we do maybe there is no good or evil maybe there is just difference. The difference in the way each of us view things how we believe we are doing the right thing to deciding to make the wrong choice. Our lives are made of choices and the ones we take are the ones we are stuck with forever so make your choices difference make a change in the world be different.

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.  – William Shakespeare


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