The other side


The other side, the broken reality to another world of the people we lost. The fact that death leaves us frozen in our tracks as he laughs at our heartbreak and all we can do is fall down the rabbit hole and only hope that we land on our feet.

Each day we lose someone in this mad world and it doesn’t matter if you never knew that person, they are still people they lived their life just like the rest of us so why shouldn’t that make them important. We don’t all have to have fame or money or even an amazing talent to be recognised, we all have our own trades that make us unique. It’s the only beauty we see in this world and we can either rise above and see each other as people or we can just carry on and live this life until the next. It’s your choice. 

If you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, you are looking the wrong way. – Barry Commoner


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