What I’ve Waited For


Waiting is a waiting game in it’s self. A dream that tricks you into thinking it’s in arms reach when in reality it’s only a light blocking the darkness of the situation. The never ending want of a family or money. It’s everything we wait for and patience is the dream within the dream.

What are you waiting for? a new job? a new view on life? a simple answer? we walk by and only dream in reaching that invisible finish line only to realise it was never there to begin with, that there was never a finish line. Once we accomplish something in our life it doesn’t then mean it’s finished it just means there is more to do. LIfe doesn’t just end because there is no end there is only new adventures, new dangers and new beginnings in our life or for it to be the next one.

For you to finish something means to give up and what’s the point in giving up when there is so much more to do. Stop waiting for something to happen keep moving and remember that waiting for things in life all just becomes an illusion to the naked eye. If you want something then go get it.

“Sometimes that light at the end of the tunnel is a train.” – Charles Barkley