Running Out Of Time…

running out

Time is constant, a never ending travel for those around us. The tick that reaches you and makes you doubt your decisions. The noise that keeps us up at night, a noise that allows us to continue to walk to our destination. A walk into the darkness, a walk that captures each of our broken moments and our precious memory’s. We lie awake to try to make sense of it all. To know if everything we do in this lifetime benefits us for wherever we are going next. Time can be wasted but it can also be forgotten but does that mean we shouldn’t remember, that we should just let it lay to waste.

They say we only live once and that time shouldn’t be wasted but does that mean we stop walking towards what we know will be a challenge and have fun or work for what we deserve. So know your self as a soldier and keep marching on.

“We didn’t lose the game; we just ran out of time.”  Vince Lombardi