Who am I?

I am like you. I am someone who seeks adventure. I am one who wants life.

I struggle sometimes seeing where my life is going because at times it can be chaos and at times when i’m at my lowest I feel so low i’m trapped and i can’t breath. I open my eyes and i’m in a box and its suffocating me and those time are where I am at my weakest. I forget who to trust and where I am. There are times when I go to sleep where my nightmares take over and I become consumed but all this hate and poison, that’s when I start to realise that i’m the poison. I am the reason why everyone around me is hurting, because I can never and will never be good enough.

Who is good enough?

I’m not that’s for sure because I see everyday what i’m doing to people and there is nothing I can do to stop it. How do I stop spreading this virus? how do I find myself again or is that not possible anymore? You may not agree with me and that’s fine but the thing is I can feel something inside me that want to get out and I know that if I let it I will forever become alone. Maybe i’m better off alone after all didn’t we come into this world alone.