The Glass Behind The MIrror


We always seem to forget the beauty within reason, the question we ask ourselves everyday – Do I look good? Who knows, I’ll tell you, YOU.You know because all in all that’s the only opinion  that matters. As long as you are comfortable and free in what you wear and who you are then who cares what everyone else thinks. My mum used to tell me whenever we used to go clothes shopping that it didn’t matter what she though because she wasn’t the one wearing the clothes and she is right all that matters is how I feel in what I wear which should be the same as you should all feel.

For all of us to be who we are we have to learn to accept who we are, some will find it hard because of what they are going through and that’s okay because all it means is that your strength is being tested, it’s all about how we survive the outcome. A lot of people will not understand who we are but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn to and as I have said before it is okay to be weird because weird is ‘Wonderful’

“Don’t be afraid to be awesome. Sometimes being weird and different is good. When you think you’re working hard, there is always someone else working harder, so always be yourself and know your stuff.” – Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Running Out Of Time…

running out

Time is constant, a never ending travel for those around us. The tick that reaches you and makes you doubt your decisions. The noise that keeps us up at night, a noise that allows us to continue to walk to our destination. A walk into the darkness, a walk that captures each of our broken moments and our precious memory’s. We lie awake to try to make sense of it all. To know if everything we do in this lifetime benefits us for wherever we are going next. Time can be wasted but it can also be forgotten but does that mean we shouldn’t remember, that we should just let it lay to waste.

They say we only live once and that time shouldn’t be wasted but does that mean we stop walking towards what we know will be a challenge and have fun or work for what we deserve. So know your self as a soldier and keep marching on.

“We didn’t lose the game; we just ran out of time.”  Vince Lombardi


What I’ve Waited For


Waiting is a waiting game in it’s self. A dream that tricks you into thinking it’s in arms reach when in reality it’s only a light blocking the darkness of the situation. The never ending want of a family or money. It’s everything we wait for and patience is the dream within the dream.

What are you waiting for? a new job? a new view on life? a simple answer? we walk by and only dream in reaching that invisible finish line only to realise it was never there to begin with, that there was never a finish line. Once we accomplish something in our life it doesn’t then mean it’s finished it just means there is more to do. LIfe doesn’t just end because there is no end there is only new adventures, new dangers and new beginnings in our life or for it to be the next one.

For you to finish something means to give up and what’s the point in giving up when there is so much more to do. Stop waiting for something to happen keep moving and remember that waiting for things in life all just becomes an illusion to the naked eye. If you want something then go get it.

“Sometimes that light at the end of the tunnel is a train.” – Charles Barkley

Into the fire


Ever felt like everything we do has no real meaning, that everything we do is just the cause behind another ones motive? like were puppets for society to laugh at because that’s what it sure feels like.

We are always judged on the action we take upon ourselves but never really thought for ourselves. We’ve become blind to our natural beauty, our heir to a better world a better inner self. No change can take back what we have already done, we have limited people’s lives on what they can and can not do and forgetting freedom. The freedom to be free the right to act, to speak and to think for ourselves. We forget who we are and are forced to be someone, something we never wanted to be. Something we have always feared we would become and later on we become the thing that’s scares us the most.

We change the way we look to make others feel better. we change who we want to love and what we want to become to comfort those who seem to think there life is above everyone else’s. I say it needs to stop because we need to love ourselves for WHO WE ARE not who someone wants us to be based on a choice of votes.

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength. –  Arnold Schwarzenegger 


The other side


The other side, the broken reality to another world of the people we lost. The fact that death leaves us frozen in our tracks as he laughs at our heartbreak and all we can do is fall down the rabbit hole and only hope that we land on our feet.

Each day we lose someone in this mad world and it doesn’t matter if you never knew that person, they are still people they lived their life just like the rest of us so why shouldn’t that make them important. We don’t all have to have fame or money or even an amazing talent to be recognised, we all have our own trades that make us unique. It’s the only beauty we see in this world and we can either rise above and see each other as people or we can just carry on and live this life until the next. It’s your choice. 

If you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, you are looking the wrong way. – Barry Commoner




When the rain starts or the sun rises the new us become ready for a new day, to the jobs we assigned ourselves to. We learn to welcome a new horizon because we can and sure, not everything is perfect but tell me when has anything ever really been perfect? Some believe we all have these guardian Angles and who knows maybe we do who are we to dismiss what we have no proof and just because there is no proof doesn’t mean its not there or it is not real it just means we are not ready to know the truth. Our species, human we are always too scared of what we don’t understand. So if you hear something that’s hard to believe true to find a part of you that does and follow the adventure. Go back to being a child because when we were all young we believed everything and some might think that is a bad thing but sometimes its not always look on the positive side of things.

What after all, is a halo? It’s only one more thing to keep clean. – Christopher Fry

You’re The διαφορά (Difference)

We only dare to be different only because we have the freedom to but that is the choice we get to make we can either stay the same or we can be the difference. We rely on everyone else to keep us safe when we should focus on protecting ourselves from what we are unsure of.

We are in a time where our world is dying and the people who are supposed  to keep us in check are too busy filling there pockets with money to realise the bigger issues we face everyday. People suffer wherever we go and we can’t stop that but that does not mean we don’t try. Our actions are the moments we make and the history we live in is everyday it’s always going to be there our past, present and future are what keeps us wanting the future generation to learn from our mistakes and for them to do what we can’t. There is not morality in what we do maybe there is no good or evil maybe there is just difference. The difference in the way each of us view things how we believe we are doing the right thing to deciding to make the wrong choice. Our lives are made of choices and the ones we take are the ones we are stuck with forever so make your choices difference make a change in the world be different.

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.  – William Shakespeare